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Hello everyone,

Many of you have asked if exclusive content is part of the plan for Optiworld. The answer to this is yes. We're doing a handful of exclusive videos per week here on Optiworld for WatchOptimus subscribers. The plan is $9.99/month and helps support the Optiworld development directly while allowing you to see extra content that won't be uploaded publicly anywhere else.

This subscription is available for purchase and we'll quickly be adding content to the library. An introductory video will be uploaded today.

To address a few other issues - we've disabled Groups for the time being due to notification spam. When we have a fix for this, we'll bring them back up. We also noticed the comment and post spam going on in the Forums. This is being addressed by our website provider and we've worked directly with them to remedy the situation. Our apologies for this, but it was mostly out of our control. If it continues, we'll be locking Forum posting to temporarily stop it. Please remember that Optiworld is in Beta and we're still ironing out issues while expanding the platform.

If you haven't read the changelog for our most recent major update (Version 1.2), you can do so here.



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