Project Pulchra Update #2

Hello everyone! I'm finally ready to provide you all with an update on Project Pulchra, my upcoming RPG title for PC and Mac. This is actually a massive moment in Project Pulchra's development because I'm moving the game out of Phase I of development starting July 25th, meaning that this will likely be the last progress update for about a week or so. Regardless, we have major improvements to show you all!

So, during the development of Project Pulchra, I've created a system of 'phases' for development. Each period in time signifies important milestones for Project Pulchra to reach before implementing more complex things that can hold up development. This is intended to help keep the development of the project smooth with the least amount of hiccups possible. Phase I of development included the following:

  • Create full map of Pulchra

  • Connect all regions to allow fluid movement

  • Implement enemies, animals and initial NPCs

  • Implement basic systems for mechanics

  • Develop basic concept and gameplay loops

  • Complete database for game

  • Organize maps and game files

and more.

Now, I'd like to share with you some of the important progress made in the last week or so of development. Right now, many of the initial concepts are either completed or being completed. Project Pulchra has many complex mechanics that are being worked on, so in Phase II of development, this is what I'll be focusing on alongside expanding upon already completed ventures such as adding more detail to the fully-created map, creating sub-maps and dungeons, etc.

Let's discuss some of the major improvements I've made between the first update and now:

Revamped collisions and added detection

The player used to be able to walk across water, overtop trees and debris, appear over stumps, and more. With this change, I've fixed all of these issues. This makes the game much more realistic and limits the player from appearing to glitch against other textures, as well. All enemies will now trigger combat when touched or ran into by the player, or if the enemy touches/runs into the player. The player can no longer scale buildings and walk across rooftops. This was critical to the game functioning correctly.


Free movement and travel between locations

The player can now travel to all travelable locations within Pulchra. By simply following the paths to the edge of the map, the player can seamlessly transfer to surrounding locations at will. This is critical to the fluidity of play in the game and will allow quests to span across multiple locations (i.e. start quest in Lake Piscus, travel to Hortus, back to Lake Piscus, and then to Azul City.) This was previously set up for a handful of locations but has been spanned across the entire map, allowing the player to travel anywhere.

Introduced Fairy system

Introducing the Fairy system - three types of fairies can now affect your path through Pulchra dramatically. Attribute Fairies can provide permanent boosts to specific attributes for your character, Quest Fairies provide you with quests that supply Fairy Treats, XP and Gold while Health Fairies can permanently boost your max HP.

Added wildlife, basic hunting capabilities

Added Elk, Wolves, Boars and Raptors. When killed, all provide respective Meats that can be cooked. The hunting abilities will soon be expanded and more items will potentially drop from animals. Different types of animals will spawn in different regions of the map. Eventually, the player will be able to accept Hunting Challenges to find rare and once-in-a-lifetime animals to hunt for sport.

Implemented basic Business Investment system

Once the player accrues enough Gold and completes specific questlines, the opportunity to invest in a handful of businesses in Pulchra will open up. For instance, once the player completes the first two Community Missions in Hortus and accumulates 10,000 Gold, they'll have the opportunity to invest in the Hortus General Store and attempt to save it from certain bankruptcy. Opportunities like this will be available all over Pulchra and will vary between potentially jackpot opportunities that open up your Gold flow or crippling failures that will make you think twice, just as investing in the real world does.

Implemented basic Farm system

A major opportunity in Pulchra has opened up! In Buckfiftee Fields, the farming hub of the kingdom, an old and rundown farm previously known as Sunshine Farms is ready for a facelift. With 25,000 Gold, the player can purchase the dilapidated farm and rebrand it as Optimus Farms. Like in real life, not every harvest will go as planned. The performance of Optimus Farms can range from extraordinary, good, average, poor to disasters. The player will compete directly with rival farms in the area to try to dominate the farming industry.

Completed database and listed all in-game items

Part of what allows Project Pulchra to function is an in-game database chronicling all items and information in the game that is relevant. From character information to weapons to consumable items and more, this database is now completed and the full range of developing Project Pulchra in Phase II and beyond is finally unlocked. This will be crucial moving forward as I'll be able to spend more time focusing on the development that matters.

That's all for this progress update - I'll have more information readily available for you guys in the coming days as we'll be moving development ahead with at least one more developer to begin working further into the game. Thank you all for tuning in and paying attention to Project Pulchra - for more updates, continue to follow me here on Optiworld or go to my Twitter (@SubToOptimus) and see real-time updates as new features and changes are implemented.

Until next time...

This is Optimus...

Updating you on Project Pulchra...

... and signing out.

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