Optimus Zombies Update #1: Phase 2

Hello everyone! I wanted to personally take the time to update you all on the progress of Optimus Zombies, the upcoming first video game from Optimus. In Optimus Zombies, you and up to three other players will be able to fight infinite waves of the undead with a multitude of weapons across many maps. If you'd like to learn more about the game itself, please visit this Twitter thread where we've already laid out more information. https://twitter.com/SubToOptimus/status/1588572292329578496

This post is an update to those of you who have paid attention to development updates so far and to get everyone up to speed on what we're doing. One of the things I preach about game developers needing to do more is communicating with their fans, and by doing this, we hope to not only keep you updated but also give you an inside look at what we're working on. So, we're here to talk about what's going on with the game. Here's a list of features we're implementing:

New features


These random game-changers start after Round 5 to throw variety and challenges at the player. Randomizers can have gameplay benefits for the players or make the gameplay more challenging depending on what you get. (Example: Double Deadly- Zombies have 2x health) These are announced via an in-game announcement. There will be an option to turn Randomizers off for people who want to casually shoot some zombies.

Heli Drops

Each round, a helicopter will fly over the map and drop the player(s) a Power Play that will help the player in some capacity. Whether it be ammo drops, a way to fly through the air or rockets to wipe out multiple zombies at once, Heli Drops will help the player keep up as zombies continue to pour into the map to kill them.

Custom Soundtrack

Optimus Zombies will have a six-track custom soundtrack that plays in the menu and in the background of the game. This will help hype you up as you go on massive combos and churn through the zombified.

Controller/Gamepad support

We're working on better implementation for controller support to add more supported input devices. Controller will NOT have aim assist.

Kill Combos

We're working on tuning gameplay to make Kill Combos as satisfying as possible. High combos should reward the player in some way and combos will be instantly visible via the Combo reader on the screen.

2-4 Player Multiplayer

We're working on multiplayer features that allow 2-4 people to play together in a lobby. Invite your friends to private password-protected lobbies or join a random public lobby to fight hordes together!

Power Plays

Different Power Plays provide different gameplay benefits to the player. Will drop from Heli Drops at the beginning of each round for the player(s) to collect.

High Score/Personal Leaderboards

We want players to be able to attain high scores that they can constantly work to beat, setting new records and passing old matches on a personal leaderboard to improve replayability and improve the gameplay cycle a little bit more.

Game Options

We'd like to expand the options players have to include FOV slider, resolution options, basic graphics settings, sound settings, game settings and add a Player Stats section with career stats that update per game you play.

Melee/Knifing mechanic

We're adding a mechanic that allows the player to inflict melee damage for close-quarters zombie killing. This way you don't have to waste precious ammo in early rounds and also to help you out if zombies trap you in a corner.

5 New Default Maps

As we expanded the scope of the game, we realized we wanted to add even more content for the player to enjoy. We're doing this by adding five more maps at launch for a grand total of 10 maps for the player to experience and enjoy. You can unlock new maps with in-game currency that is not purchasable to allow you to unlock and reward yourself with new content at your own pace.

Weapon camos

We're adding 50 weapon camos to Optimus Zombies at launch that the player can also purchase using in-game currency. Camos will not be purchasable with real world currency. The player can customize any weapon with any unlocked camo.

Bugs, glitches and tuning

During Phase 1 of development, we've identified 47 individual bugs, glitches and areas that need tuning and extra work. These issues are listed below:

  • Load times and start issues

  • Pistol fire time

  • Purchasing ammo being placed in pause menu

  • Ammo amount on player weapons

  • Rate button in main menu is non functional, not necessary

  • Upgrade main menu graphics

  • Zoom in causes gun to pull left

  • Player can fall off/through maps

  • Mouse cursor visible over game

  • Residual zombie damage

  • Zombie damage tuning

  • Zombies aren't scaling properly in difficulty

  • No recoil on weapons

  • Points counter not clear enough

  • Player has entire loadout upon spawn

  • Levels aren't properly labeled

  • Reload speeds should be quicker

  • Some assets load off the ground, appear to float

  • Zombies need to spawn more spaced out

  • All levels should be infinite waves

  • Weapon names are inaccurate

  • Default sensitivity is too high

  • Overall grenade tuning adjustments

  • Clicking the border of the screen tabs the game out

  • No headshot multiplier for damage

  • Points don't reset after game ends, no in-game currency implemented

  • Maps aren't purchasable

  • Zombies don't jump down from crates on Military Base

  • Map exploits on multiple maps

  • Loading screen is too basic

  • Heads up display is to be overhauled

  • Updating muzzle flash

  • Smoother running animation + camera bounce

  • Smoother overall animations + better jumps and reloads

  • Zombies not fast enough, don't climb and too small for scale

  • No point display for killing zombies

  • Guns infinitely spin in air if not grabbed after buying ammo

  • Easter Eggs need implemented

  • Combo ending tally

  • Scoreboard feature needs implemented

  • Increase zombie variety

  • Achievement system implementation

  • Combo color filter implementation

  • Zombies stuck in circles, cause glitched damage output

These are the things we're prioritizing in Phase 2 of development. We expect for this to be done in the following weeks. We'll provide a more cohesive roadmap as soon as we can.

Thank you for your interest in Optimus Zombies! Follow me on Twitter @SubToOptimus for more information throughout development or stay tuned to this outlet.

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