My Upcoming Video Game Update #1

Hello everyone.

It's been a while since I've last blogged about an upcoming Optiworld update or new project in the works. However, with what I'm currently working on, I feel inspired to share with you some of the progress I've made with it and give you guys an exclusive look at it to gain feedback and insight. As I've recently mentioned in this video, I'm working on a video game that will be for Optimus fans and anyone else interested. Today, I'll share with you some screenshots, information, and more. I'm extremely excited for this project and to get it out to you guys, but please realize this: the game is in early stages of development.

Not all features work as intended, the game isn't complete and there's a long road ahead. But today, I'm going to share with you my upcoming game. Codenamed Project Pulchra, I'm creating a time-progressive RPG title with an original storyline, dozens of original characters, and many hours of brand-new content and lore to explore. Utilizing the RPG Maker MV engine, the game will be able to run smoothly across PC and Mac devices.


Keep in mind that this game is a role-playing game, so I'd love to prioritize just that: playing a role. The player, who controls Optimus Sumitpo, will be able to interact with the Pulchran society in many different ways. You will be important to characters you meet, find new friends to join your party and expand your story. You'll have the opportunity to:

- Help strangers and interact with every single character in the game.

- Hunt down Pulchran Letters and learn the story of the Kingdom and learn the personal struggles of individual characters in the game.

- Invest in struggling businesses and earn Gold.

- Fish in lakes and rivers, catch Common/Rare/Legendary fish, sell fish at shops or cook fish into meals.

- Gamble your Gold and possibly win a jackpot.

- Hunt Elk, Wolfs, Boars and Dinosaurs.

- Eat Magic Mushrooms and experience trips.

- Defeat Bosses, Mini-Bosses and more.

- Explore dungeons, find rare treasures and Rare/Legendary Items worth loads of Gold.

- Hunt Bounties and earn XP/Gold.

- Stay at Inns and explore cities, towns and ghost towns.

- Enter caves and mine rare minerals, gems and materials.

- Equip a wide variety of weapons, armors and more to boost your stats.

- Learn new moves, special attacks and skills to become the ultimate warrior.

- and much more planned!

Here is a first look at the fishing mechanic, which is still in its' initial stages.

Overall, there's still a lot left to do. a lot. a whole lot. However, I'm dedicated to this project and I've had a load of fun with it in my 70+ hours of developing and creating everything thus far. I'm excited to continue sharing progress updates with you guys and giving you all more information about this upcoming project. Stay tuned here on Optiworld for more update posts or follow me on Twitter here to see live updates on everything Optimus.

Until next time y'all,

This is Optimus

Showing you Project Pulchra,

... and signing out. :)

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