Funding Optiworld

Hello Optiworld users! I wanted to share with you our plans for funding Optiworld as I’ve seen some questions about this. We have in fact planned our way through this and we’re happy to share these plans with our beloved community.

We’re faced with the conundrum of advertising as a means to keep the site alive through funding. We know that a better user experience is one with as little advertising as possible. Therefore, we have two options planned to take the future of Optiworld.

Option A: Advertising

In this situation, we’ll run advertising on the website. We’ll make sure to involve as little of it as possible to continue our mission of prioritizing user experience. At this point, we’d just want to keep the website funded in the first place. Eventually, advertising will become a necessity, but we want to delay this option for as long as possible to continue to do work on the website elsewhere.

Option B: Community Support

This is an option we’re going with now. Through the Upgrade page, you now can donate directly to support Optiworld development or purchase the Optimus Basic plan. This will give you a series of exclusive perks for the website. We already have a loyal supporting of Optiworld fans embracing this option.

We would love to hear community feedback on what you think is the best approach for Optiworld as you all are the lifeline of the website. Thank you all for reading and have a great rest of your day.

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