Dear Everyone #1

Hello, and thank you for reading this. I'm going to use my blog here on Optiworld to keep you updated from time to time on a number of things, including (but not limited to): Optiworld updates and milestones, changes in content, changes in plans for projects, major milestone updates, and much more. It's a great opportunity to personally connect with my audience a little bit more through this platform.

First, I want to update everyone on the progress of the book I've been talking about, Ten Years of YouTube: My Journey. I'll be teaching you everything I know about YouTube and content creation plus telling you the story of how I built my YouTube channel. It's almost finished and should be out within the next few weeks. I've decided to do a physical release as it was popular to ask about. You can also get it in e-book formats, which can be more convenient. It'll be available in most major retailers for order and online.

Next, I want to talk about channel memberships. I've turned these back on due to some unforeseen circumstances on YouTube with copyright claims, demonetization potential and age-restrictions that I've been dealing with recently. It's completely optional, but you do get some added perks on YouTube.

Next, I want to talk about Optiworld. We've already fixed a number of day-one issues that we saw reported in the Forums. We're going to be taking a great deal of your feedback into consideration for future updates. Nobody can build this community up better than you all, so please, use the forums to suggest new features and bug fixes. The quicker we can stabilize everything, the sooner we have a full release!

Also, the application is officially submitted for review with Apple and Google. This means that within the coming days, we'll officially have an Optiworld app available for free download across Android and iOS! So far, 78% of you have had your Optiworld experience on mobile devices. We're going to make it even better for you and give you a dedicated experience!

Major thank you to those of you who've already upgraded your Optiworld experience and helped fund/support the future of Optiworld. If you choose to, you can upgrade your experience with 10 exclusive badges, an invite to the exclusive Optiworld Funders group and access to the Optiworld Platinum forums. Your contributions help directly fund and support this platform, so thank you. You can upgrade today in the Upgrade tab of Optiworld.

I'll soon have exclusive content right here on Optiworld for OptimusPlus+ supporters from YouTube and Optiworld funders. Daily free content on YouTube and Facebook will continue as expected.

Thank you for supporting my vision,


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