Answering some FAQs about Optiworld + updates on what we're working on right now

Hello everyone! I wanted to update you all on some of the progress we've made on Optiworld and what we've got planned as well as answer some questions about the platform that many of you have had or asked recently in the Forums. We've had loads of questions about Optiworld that we've seen over time and we want to keep a direct line of communication to help you guys stay in the loop on what's going on.

This post will be divided by topics.

[Bugs and performance]

- Addressing bug affecting Mobile users having issues watching Optiworld Originals that they've already paid for with a WatchOptimus subscription.

- Addressing bug that causes unpleasant website displays on specific resolutions.

- Addressing bug that causes the search bar and Optimus logo to be off-center across multiple pages.

- Addressing bug that causes some text to highlight in an abrasive color against Dark Mode, causing reading issues.

- Addressing bug with profile pictures not saving properly.

- Addressing bug with profile details not changing immediately after editing them.

- Addressing filters for Forums and comments. We realize that they're currently too strict and are censoring otherwise harmless posts. We'll fix this ASAP.

- Addressing website speed. We believe this is due to the placement of video content on pages and we'll be working to change the layout to create less loading stress for webpages so they'll load faster.

[Badges and community]

- Working on dozens of new badge concepts to give badge hunters and forum frequenters something to go for on Optiworld!

- Working on a loyalty program for people who purchase merchandise or Optiworld subscriptions/WatchOptimus to reward our biggest supporters.

- We're running a contest on the Games page and giving out WatchOptimus subscriptions to random high scores!


Will other users ever be able to upload content to Optiworld?

The answer to this is still somewhat unknown. You may embed or link other videos uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, etc. already, but as far as dedicated uploads, this would be a down-the-road feature if ever implemented.

What data do you harvest from us with Optiworld?

We really don't know too much about you. We only see the information you give us. Rest assured, we aren't harvesting or selling your personal data.

When will the mobile app be released?

This is a tricky question. To be fully transparent, we're having a meeting in just a few days about this exact issue. We're going to finalize how much the app will cost to run and then we'll continue to work on this experience. Right now, you may download our test mobile experience through the Spaces by Wix app on iOS and Android - it's a much more stable and polished build of Optiworld for you to enjoy!

I'm having issues with my Optiworld experience. Where can I share this?

Use our Forums or direct message Optimus through the Members Chat feature to report bugs and issues. We'll do our best to solve them?

How often will Optiworld be updated?

We're looking to at least publish bug fixes and minor updates on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. We don't want to go too long without updating you all on the progress we've made.

Optiworld is in Beta. Why should I purchase WatchOptimus or Optiworld Basic subscriptions?

Yes, Optiworld is still in Beta. However, we've implemented many of the final features of the platform, WatchOptimus content included. This is exclusive content that you won't see uploaded for free on YouTube. (We do eventually plan to begin porting content to YouTube WatchOptimus channel members, if you prefer watching video on that platform) for the same price point monthly.

Optiworld Basic is a membership with exclusive badges and more that helps us fund future development of Optiworld. This is going to cost us thousands of dollars to truly get built and we've had a very supportive community thus far.

When will Optiworld be out of Beta?

We still do not have a time period for when we'll fully launch Optiworld from Beta. We're very optimistic about the future, though! (no pun intended.)

Thank you all for your continued support of Optiworld!

- Optimus

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